Why Shipping Is Just As Important As Your Product

When it comes to creating a wonderful business people often forget that there is more to it than just the product. Having a wonderful product is only half the battle. The other half is your marketing, shipping, and maintaining seamless online transactions. Your customers are ticked off by so many different factors. And one of the definitely happens to be the shipping services and shipping experience created by your business. How long it takes for you to order and deliver matters a lot when it comes to building the brand image of the business. Whether your shipping services use the top services of ndt company malaysia or not, what matters is their efficiency, deliverance, and speediness. 

So many customers have talked about how shipping is the one thing that holds off from completing their purchase. One of the mor unfortunate things that are in the eCommerce business is we have to spend an extra just to help people overcome their hesitancy in the shipping costs. However, many have gotten around this without paying much or simply just perfecting their marketing. 

Studies have also shown that a negative shipping experience is one of the biggest reasons why your customers refrain from coming back for a second round. If you are doing everything right and in perfect order, but fail to attract them for a second shopping experience, this might be related to shipping. If their shipping experience is negative, then no matter how good your product is, they will find someone else. Unless you are absolutely one of a kind. If your audience has high awareness, and the market is completely saturated with so many competitors, then it is important to differentiate yourself using the shipping. So not only shipping is part of the business operations but it is also what makes your business different from the rest. Part of your unique proposition value should have the value people get from the shipping experience. 

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Coming forward to the point of competitors, it is important to realize almost all eCommerce business owners are greatly aware of the consumer’s shipping needs. They understand that seeing the shipping cost is one of the things that cause people to turn away from the business. Even if they fill their shopping cart with five to six different items, they tend to turn away when they see the added shipping costs. Many have adopted a formula to calculate a free shipping feature for the consumers. 

Consumers are willing to spend a little extra just to get free shipping even though the item they add to the cart is a lot more expensive than the shipping cost. This is a psychological aspect of shipping. People are more likely to buy more to get something for free because they believe there is a higher perceived value in that. As a business, it is your job to increase the perceived value while keeping your prices the same. Some of the artwork of increasing perceived value is by doing amazing copywriting work and mixing it in with free shipping services. Remember, convenience wins at all times.