What is the Foundation in Health Science?

The Science Foundation program (SFP) is a public-funded program by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. It is designed to provide opportunities for science undergraduates in Malaysia to attend undergraduate degree program at universities overseas. In Malaysia, about 300 undergraduate students are admitted into the SFP each year through a highly selective and competitive screening process. These students will be given financial support from the government, along with academic guidance and social support from experienced scientists. In Malaysia, students can opt for a foundation program to study health science in university. The program is offered by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Both these universities are located in the state of Selangor, in the central part of Peninsular Malaysia. They offer different levels of study programmes: undergraduate or postgraduate.

The foundation programme allows students who already have high school education to enter university without going through a year-long pre-university course. Students majoring in health science will get a chance to apply for the scholarship scheme that is funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. The government decided to bring about a change in the system of science education by implementing a Foundation in Health science in Malaysia Programme that would provide financial assistance to students who are interested in pursuing careers in science. There are many benefits of the foundation programme. It is designed to give students an alternative pathway into careers they would not otherwise be able to pursue without financial support. In addition, the programme will enable beneficiaries of the scheme to spend less time on preparatory work and more time pursuing their studies and research.

Foundation in Health Science in Malaysia

The foundation programme has been introduced with good intentions, but there is still room for improvement as it has been criticized for providing only partial funding for students and not covering tuition fees. Malaysia is known to be a country where science is a priority. The country has an established demand for science-related education and research. The foundation in health science aims to support students taking up medical, dental, nursing and other health sciences during their undergraduate studies who are financially challenged or otherwise not able to go on with their education. The Malaysian government believes that the importance of developing the foundation in health science cannot be overemphasized, as this will help provide quality healthcare for the country’s population.

The Malaysian government has now introduced a new programme, the science foundation programme which offers a bursary to all undergraduates studying in Malaysia. They are also including health and medical students in the program. This will help to encourage students to take up STEM subjects as well as supporting them financially with the hope that it will improve their career prospects. Malaysia’s Health Science Foundation Programme (HSFP) has been operating since 2008. The aim is to provide first class education and training of students to enter the field of health science at university level. HSFP is a unique national program with specific objectives for the nation’s future human resources in the fields of healthcare, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, medical research and related fields.

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