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 QR code ordering system Malaysia

Are you trying to open up a business? Are you thinking about the ways to set up your POS system? I know it can be frustrating and very unknown sometimes but no worries and look no further because today you will know about something that can change your concept and change your way of running your business! 

If we are to go to the restaurant of many food and beverage places we will know of some of the ways that they set up their business. There are basically, from what we can see, two types of set up. This is of course not an official way of saying the methods of business but just based on our observations in Malaysia we can see a POS system, a menu, and after ordering, the waitress and waiters will go to the POS system and fill in your orders. This is the way we have been seeing ever since the start of business. Someone comes to order your food and places the orders in. In the past, before technology they would be on paper and pen but with technology it is ordered through the POS systems. But today, in today’s tech savvy era and lifestyle there is a new way and that is QR code ordering system Malaysia provided by Big POS. This is the new way of ordering and a new POS system that uses QR code to show the menu and the customers can pick out what they want to eat and directly go into the ordering system. This is the new and current way. There are a lot of benefits in this system and no, it is not to only look cool.

 QR code ordering system Malaysia

Here’s why you need to have this POS system in your business. POS system is able to help you calculate the in and out of stock directly meaning that how much ingredients you buy can also be recorded into the system and it will calculate the portions accordingly and you as the boss can know how much profit and loss or where your food is sold and what not. It can keep you updated as much as possible on your business. Now, with this system, adding in a QR code means that you are able to also save the trouble of having the waiters and waitresses check whether there is available or unavailable food. Saving hassle and time means higher table turnover rate meaning higher income, this is a benefit. Furthermore, if you are a small startup business you might not be able to or does not want too many employees to manage then QR code ordering is a plus for you as well because there is no necessary need for many waiters and waitresses because the customers is able to order themselves and the system will know what food are there and what are not. These are some benefits for you on QR code ordering systems.

There are many more benefits when using these systems. To know more you can search for BigPOS on Google and you can know more there.

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