Press Fittings Misconceptions

In the industry, there is a misconception that pressing pipe is particularly suited for large contractors. Because pressing equipment is costly, it is assumed that only a bigger contractor with many personnel and vehicles will see a return on the investment. Get erw saw pipes malaysia.

According to Eric Aune, owner of Aune Plumbing & Heating in Zimmerman, Minnesota, co-founder of Mechanical Hub, and presenter of the “Make Trades Great Again” podcast, this is not the case. Aune is a one-man enterprise that focuses on residential maintenance and repair, with forays into commercial vehicles and new buildings on occasion. He was an early adopter of pressing technology, and he now uses it nearly completely for connecting copper pipe and only about half of the time for joining carbon steel pipe.

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He claims that pressing is crucial to his company’s prosperity. Aune can take on more work and answer to emergency calls faster by employing press to reduce the time it takes to install water heaters and other projects. He believes that in order to stay competitive, he must do so.

“No one wants to wait.” People nowadays call, and if you can’t get there immediately, they’ll contact someone else,” he explained.

Customers are pleased when tasks are completed faster since they don’t have to take as long of a job and their schedules aren’t as interrupted, according to Aune. Consumers who are happy are more likely to become loyal customers.

Reliable Enough?

Aune doesn’t lose time due to callbacks because of his pressing reliability.

“Over time, I’ve come to learn that pressing is a really trustworthy technology.” I’m confident that if I install it right, it will endure indefinitely.”

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While a pressing tool costs more than a handheld drill or impact driver, it lasts for ages and enhances operating effectiveness every time it’s used. And Viega’s new Pressgun 6 and Pressgun Picco 6 make getting a basic tool and starting pressing easier than before.

Finally, pressing reduces physical wear and strain since there is less equipment to drag back and forth from the truck and up and down stairs. All of these are reasons why Aune advises fellow small business owners to get a pressing tool and make the switch.

“As soon as you pull the trigger, it’ll start paying you back,” he explained.

Press Fittings Are Cost-Effective And Time-Saving.

Connections may be created in a fraction of the time it takes to weld or connect pipe with press fittings. In addition, compared to welding, brazing, or soldering, the press tool requires substantially less training. As a result, press fittings are a great way to save time when building large-scale pipe systems. Do you want to discover how much money a press fitting system may save you? To discover how much it will cost to press, use the calculator below.

Connections Made With A Press Fitting Are Secure.

The functioning of press tools varies by brand, but one constant is the intensity of interconnections. The connection is as robust as a welding or soldered connection if the pipe is prepared appropriately according to the press instrument system manufacturer’s specifications. Many hydraulic press tools offer an auto-cycle feature that only turns off when the union is completed, eliminating the need to estimate whether or not the pipe is properly attached.