Practical ideas for organizing the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that needs the most order and storage solutions. Therefore, knowing how to take advantage of space is essential so that you get the most out of it and that, whether it is a small or large kitchen, it becomes a practical and functional space. Read on and don’t miss out on these practical kitchen organization ideas!


The wall is one of the most useful spaces to store things, why waste its potential? Don’t just use them for kitchen cabinets.

Open storage

Open storage solutions are a good option to complement kitchen cabinets. They help you to have on hand what you use most frequently and want to have on hand. And since it is visible, it prevents you from accumulating objects and having them messy. You can help yourself with kitchen shelves to hang on the wall. In this case, we have used it to place the crystal glasses and mugs.

The power of suction cups

If your kitchen has windows, you might use that space for adding a storage and organization aspect. For example, we used a mesh-made basket with suction cups to affix it to glass. You can use it to store some gardening supplies for plants, but it may be used for whatever else, such as a scouring pad or a towel in the kitchen. Of course, keep an eye on the weight and do not overburden it.

Free the drawers

Leave empty space in the drawers by putting storage solutions over the walls. For example, one accessory that we like a lot for its convenience is a magnetic knife holder. Place food storage containers next to the area where you prepare the food. You will see how it is much more practical than having them in the drawers.

Interior organization

The organization of the interior of the drawers and cabinets happens to be essential for the proper functioning of the kitchen. Not only do you have to think about everything you want to keep inside, but also the frequency of use of each object to improve accessibility and use.

Stack your storage

Before storing kitchen items, consider what is the most practical way to do it. Pans, for example, take up less space if you stack them vertically on top of each other ( tip: put on a pot protector to prevent scratches when stored.).

You can place the lids horizontally on a lids holder, as in VARIERA, which allows you to adjust their length to adapt to any available gap. You will see how you can more easily see and take the one you need in each case.

food storage containers

For food such as pasta, sugar, flour, etc., we recommend that you keep transparent jars and jars (always better if they are made of glass). In this way, you can see the interior with a simple glance. Also, if they are the same model, it will be easier for you to organize them to take advantage of all the space.