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Coca-Cola conveys a jovial, authentic, and friendly image in its communications. Coca-Cola is above all the bond and social relations, and you can feel it in each of its advertisements. Therefore, someone who buys a Coca-Cola product may feel that they are not just buying a drink, but an experience in their own right. This is the power of true branding.

More profitable marketing through branding

Consistent branding saves you the trouble of asserting your business personality in every new piece of content you create. Being regularly exposed to your creations will indeed already have allowed your customers to get to know you. The right branding company in Malaysia comes up with the right support.

Think about the advertisements for Apple products that you have seen. From the iconic silhouettes of the first iPod campaigns to the sleek and minimalist advertisements of the latest iPhones, Apple doesn’t need to waste time – advertising – explaining its brand promises. In fact, everything the company produces, whether it is its packaging or its website, is a hallmark of style, innovation, and simplicity.

The internationalization of the brand’s tone

The clarity of Apple’s branding provides a great case study for international companies. Since her brand relies very little on verbal descriptions, she can easily cross boundaries. Obviously, not everyone is like Apple. Apple is unique. However, any global brand can achieve such a level of consistency between its campaigns.

The keys to harmonizing the tone of the brand on a global level?

It’s a flexible framework for managing content and universal fundamental characteristics. Your images must be symbolically striking and your message must be perfectly understandable, in all its essence, whatever the culture.

In summary, adopting a globally effective tone for your brand takes a lot of thought. Here are some strategies that will help you develop a carefully crafted communication style to keep it consistent in the international market:

Choose qualifiers that describe your branding personality

Select multiple contents produced by your business, ideally from different media types, and then think of three characteristics that describe all of that content. These contents can be whimsical, educational, trendy, or classic. After you’ve learned three words, use each word to create a dos and don’ts list.

So, if you have taken the “whimsical” approach, you may advise your writers and designers to favor an irreverent style while avoiding sarcasm. An educational establishment would ask content creators to focus communication on professionalism without falling into condescension.

The more descriptive terms you find, the more your localization team can ensure consistency in your brand’s tone.

And, although the Internet is necessary, it is not the only source of information. Offline communication is still required unless you are a pure player (which is still possible). There are a variety of methods to interact with your audience in this situation as well:

  • Make a point of participating in exhibits relevant to your subject in order to build relationships not only with your target audience but also with your business partners (suppliers, for example).
  • Create a mascot for your company that will be accessible in the shape of an inflatable costume at your different events.
  • Manage the point of sale marketing for your shop in order to build a purchasing impulse among your consumers; and so on.


Whatever communication channel you use, be certain that it speaks to your intended audience in order for your message to be conveyed. Also, keep an eye out for customer comments regarding your brand so that you can react and adjust your approach as needed. This is the only way you will be successful in enhancing your brand’s image and reputation.

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