Just the Type of Property You Would Love


Renting is so costly; it is like you are saving money in a holed box. If you add up all the amount of money you have spent on renting a house, you will really feel like you can already buy a property with it. Yes, and this is why while you are still single and without huge responsibilities, it is best to consider buying a property. Besides, even if you are still living with your parents now, or you are an only son and you will inherit the house of your parents, you can use the property as a source of a passive income.

Even with the pandemic, real estate is still booming and in fact, there are even more properties for sale than before, and some are even cheaper than the usual. This is possibly because some people need immediate cash, considering that there are a lot of people who lose their jobs in this calamity.

If you happen to be living in Malaysia and you are looking for a property you can do business with, I suggest you check out this amazing property in Banting. You should be able to rent this to a big family, like a family of 5 or more. After all, some families have their kids share rooms and this house is pretty big. Check out below the details:

·         Terrace house

·         With 3 beds and 2 baths

·         Not furnished

·         Leasehold

·         Single storey

·         Refurbished condition

·         Near important landmarks

The property comes with significant amenities as well. So, it will be easier to live here and thus, if you will look for a tenant, that will not be hard. Besides, the property is with a tenant already, this is even automatic for you. You can start the business right away and instead of the owner, you will be the one to get the rent.


One thing though, even with the tenant, you should try to have someone who is an expert in buildings, check the house, especially those areas that are not readily visible. You don’t know if repairs will be needed, and if you decide to push through the purchase, you might be able to slash off a little of the price. Yes, that is usually the case when a buyer will discover some defects in the property he is planning to buy. You should not skip this as this is quite important.

The thing when you will require pre-inspection is you will have peace of mind after the entire deal. You can enjoy the property without worries as problems are already addressed before you live in it or you start owning it. The owner should allow you to do this, even with the leasehold situation.

Banting is a good place to live and to raise kids. This is away from the busyness of the city and quite peaceful. You should check out the property before someone will get ahead of you. This property after all is a good find.