Everything You Have To Know About Breast Milk

Yes, when it comes to breast milk, I think there is nothing else to explain as we are well aware of what it is. However, there are actually a lot of crucial things to acknowledge about breast milk, and if you are here to know more about it, this is the right place for you. At this point, the least that you can think of is the best way to store breastmilk in freezer.

Basic knowledge about breastmilk and breastfeeding indeed shall be everyone’s concern regardless of gender or status, hence why this article would be perfect for you to develop more.

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Milk

What is breast milk?

Generally, we know that breast milk is a milk that came from mums that are breastfeeding their babies, however did you know what is actually inside the breast milk that is good for babies? Here are what is inside the breast milk:

  • It contains protein:

Assist your baby in growing and developing, activating her immune system, and developing and protecting neurons in her brain.

  • It has live cells:

These include immune-boosting white blood cells as well as stem cells, which may aid in the development and healing of organs. 

  • It is made up amino acids:

Your milk contains over 20 of these chemicals. Some of them, known as nucleotides, rise at night, and scientists believe they may help people sleep.

  • It has good bacteria called oligosaccharides:

It is a complex sugar that functions as prebiotics, nourishing the “healthy bacteria” in your baby’s gut. They also help to keep infections out of her circulation and reduce her risk of brain inflammation.

  • It contains enzymes:

Catalysts are substances that accelerate chemical processes in the body. The ones in your milk benefit your baby’s digestive and immune system, as well as help her absorb iron.

  • Got the growth factors

Encourage healthy growth 1 These have an impact on many aspects of your baby’s body, including her intestines, blood vessels, brain system, and glands that produce hormones.

  • Got a lot of hormones:

These sophisticated compounds communicate across tissues and organs to guarantee appropriate function. Some can help manage your baby’s food and sleep habits, as well as strengthen your relationship.

  • It has vitamins and minerals:

Nutrients that promote healthy growth and organ function, as well as aid in the development of your baby’s teeth and bones.

  • It contains antibodies called immunoglobulins:

Can be called immunoglobulins. All types of antibodies can be detected in breast milk. By neutralising germs and viruses, they protect your kid from diseases and infections.

  • It has long-chain fatty acids:

They are essential in the development of your baby’s nervous system as well as healthy brain and eye development.

  • It contains 1400 microRNAs:

Able to control the gene expression, assist prevent or stop disease development, strengthen your baby’s immune system, and play a role in breast remodelling.

Why is proper storage for breastmilk important?

Keeping the breast milk indeed won’t be as easy as keeping the normal milk as we are well aware, because breast milk has a lot of nutritions to maintain and keep it fresh for the baby. It can be stored either in the fridge or freezer but it is supposed to have a specific method to store. 

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