Everything About Web Design

What are the Types of Web Designs

With the advancement in technology, now almost everything has been made digital. Most businesses have jumped into the wagon as well. Going digital has certainly helped in boosting certain industries and businesses. Going digital includes promoting one’s business through social media platforms and online websites. When it comes down to social media, the content and structure of the content are what matters most as the outlook needs to be appealing to the readers. As for website design, a business requires to find web design in kl now and work with that team to come up with a website that fits the requirements and functions efficiently for the users. There are three types of website designs and four stages of web designing.

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What are the Types of Web Designs?

Websites of different businesses have their own features to make them distinct and unique. Nevertheless, there still is the base. The base involves the type of web design used to create the site. The three mainstream types of web designs are static web design, CMS or dynamic web design and the eCommerce website. 

Static website design

Static websites are made in HTML, CSS and Java. Static web design is considered to be simple to create and easy to trail into search engines. This type of web design is most suitable to be used when you require a site with a few pages and do not need to carry out changes in data. In a static web design, no changes to the info will be carried out throughout the course of time

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CMS or dynamic website

A dynamic website design can carry out changes to data that are automatically updatable, depending on the specific criteria. This type of web design is used in order to provide a website that can continuously be updated and edit data on the website. Content management platforms such as CMS, WordPress, Joomla and many more are used to create this type of web design.

eCommerce website

Businesses that have sales stores, require an eCommerce website that can handle the technical parts of the website. The eCommerce website can provide certain businesses to carry out online shopping platforms for customers to easily navigate. 

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What are the Stages in Web Design?

There are four stages involved in making a web design. The first stage includes the layout of the website. The second stage revolves around the content, SEO and navigation. The third stage is the graphics, colours and multimedia. The fourth and last stage is the process of launching, analysing and revising the website. The layout of the website requires you to select and registration of your domain, choose the web hosting, pick a website building tool and plan the layout of the website. The second stage is a step that will never end. You need to continuously come up with content that will fit into SEO on search engines. This stage also makes sure that the navigation is simple for the users. The third stage involves the view of the website to the users. The background, images and videos on the website also need to be properly contemplated in this stage. The final stage is launching the website to the public. Once launched, check the progress of the website and make the necessary edits to the specific parts and ensure the smooth loading of the website.