Digital Marketing Guide to Increase Your Online Business’ Sales.

Isn’t it frustrating to spend your budget on digital marketing but not getting the most out of it? Poor sales, low rankings, clicks with no conversions or floundering on social media could be the few marketing reasons why some people want to give up on their business.

Even the best marketing strategies (or so you thought) miss the boat sometimes. Or, perhaps, you don’t actually have any strategies at all.

According to Smart Insights – “49% of organizations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.”

Don’t sweat yet, just relax. Below, we put down the ultimate guides that will help you overcome your digital marketing challenges. They will help you to stay ahead of your competition and improve Return On Investment (ROI).

1. Why Asking for The Sale is Important

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If you’ve ever done any face-to-face marketing, you know that asking for the sale is one of the most crucial skills to learn. Doesn’t matter how fantastic your presentation is, you’ll walk away empty-handed until you ask for the sale.

The same may be said for digital marketing. You can have all the information, the newest 3-D and AI-powered gizmos, but you’ll lose the sale if there’s too much going on. Because the “BUY NOW” button is now circled around by 10 other buttons asking questions and pointing away from the sale, your customers are going to abandon their cart.

Here are a few more ways to ask for the sale

  •  Cross-selling — Now that you’ve sold them a laptop, sell them a mouse and a laptop case too. Cross-selling, especially in online business, boosts revenue and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Conversion rates have increased by  31% for online businesses when they do this method.
  •  Upselling– According to one research, simply displaying a higher priced item next to the shopper’s choice resulted in 4.25 percent of all customers purchasing the more costly item.

2. Make Full Use of All Your Social Media

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For eCommerce, social media is a long-term investment. The objective is to convert visitors into interested followers, who will ultimately become customers who will bring you profit.

Here are some social media platforms you can invest your business into:

  • Instagram – With the Shop Now Instagram galleries link to your store, you can now make any post on your shop. Customers may buy it directly from your store by clicking on the image.
  •  Facebook – With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the most effective marketing tools. Facebook advertisements use demographics and location of users to give relevant content with a ROI.
  • YouTube – With 1.5 billion subscribers, this platform is nearly as popular as Facebook. Businesses may use this platform for free to post useful videos like instructional videos, product reviews, cross-promotions, and new product releases. It’s the third most popular website, therefore it’s an excellent location to establish your brand and get leads.

3. Improve Your Email Campaigns

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One of the most important aspects of any digital marketing strategy is email campaigns. Here are a few basic improvements that are frequently overlooked by business.

  •   Welcome emails – A welcome email strengthens the bond between your business and its customers. It increases the likelihood of future targeted offers and upsells.
  • Send coupons and discount emails – All customers enjoy a good bargain!
  • Ask for feedback – Email surveys are a great way to learn more about your buyers and your company. Don’t take this step lightly because you will obtain really valuable information that could improve your business.
  •   Wish list reminders – The wish list of your customers is an undiscovered treasure. Reminders, price reductions, birthday greetings, and low stock notifications will keep them engaged if done correctly. It gives you direct access to your customer’s interest, which you can monetize immediately.

The Bottom Line of Marketing

he majority of eCommerce businesses believe that digital marketing has become too difficult and time-consuming. Using these guides is proven to bring you sales but an experienced team is needed to bring the tools and tactics together to make everything work better. If you don’t have the manpower for an expert team, you can always hire a digital marketing agency in Malaysia to get the job done professionally. Thus, if you think it’s time to get help with your marketing, it probably is your calling to do so.