Condom Lesson 101!

Are you trying to have a better sex, but just doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath of having sex? Well, the only way to ensure that you do not take responsibility to any possibility that may arise back in the future is to use condoms, when you are having sex, regardless of who that might be. Therefore, we are going to talk about condoms, and most definitely we are going to dish about the do’s and the don’ts while using them. 

Use Condoms Every Time While You Have Sex

It is important to know that condom is able to not only prevent unwanted issues such as pregnancy, it is also another way of preventing disease that can be passed by through a sex, which is called sexually transmitted disease, known as STD or STI. This disease is able to cause a lot of problems to a human body system which sometimes can be serious. Therefore, the use of such condom is able to help many people to still have sex at the same time allows them to be more cautions.

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Put Your Condom Before Starting To Have Sex

Always remember to wear your condom while having sex, but it is important to put it on before having sex, not during sex. Be mindful that a single ejaculation from a men‘s penis is able to create about a trillion sperm which is possible in causing unwanted issues in the near future.

Make Sure The Condoms Doesn’t Have Any Defects Or Tears

Do remember to check your condoms before using them. Always try to ensure that the condom is in a perfect shape to be used. This will help in avoiding unnecessary leakage of your sperm into your partner’s vagina, which is capable of making them pregnant. So, with that said, try to check out for any type of defects or tears before taking it out from the wrappers, but if you still can’t seem to find any kind of problem with it, then try to wear it on, in order to know if there’s any problem with your condom.

Do Not Use Oil As A Lubricant

Always remember to not use oil as your lubricant as this will cause your condoms to break down. Try avoiding oil based lubricants such as:

  • Lotion
  • Baby oil
  • Petroleum Jelly, like vaseline

Instead try getting water based lubricants which can be found at the Secret Cherry dildo shop Malaysia.

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Do Not Use Your Condom More Than Once

Always remember to be hygiene, and also remember to protect yourself and your partner by not using the same condom all over again. We know that condoms would be a bit costly, but do not sigh, because the Secret Cherry dildo shop Malaysia, got you covered. The only thing that you need to do is to buy it from there, and do not use it one more time, always remember to dispose of your condoms after one use.

Use Condom Of Your Size

Do not use condoms that are extremely small, just in order to have a raw experience with your partner. There are many possibilities that the condom, which is not your size, is able to cause erectile dysfunction, able to break down. In the worst case scenario things can get a bit ugly in bed.