Choosing The Perfect Furniture For Laboratory

Speaking of furniture, house furniture would definitely be the first thing that crossed your mind, wouldn’t it? And of course, there are so many great places that we have around us to get it. However, have you ever thought of furniture that we actually need for somewhere else? Yes, let’s talk about the furniture that we need other than for a house, such as furniture that is needed for a laboratory. This probably is going to be your first time hearing that laboratories also need furniture, but yes it is. But did you know where you can get laboratory furniture in Malaysia?

Indeed, we don’t have much exposure or advertisement for laboratory furniture even though we actually have good company that can supply it well. Where? You can definitely find the best of the best choices of furniture from MyLab! Just like how we shop for house furniture, we couldn’t do the same thing for the laboratory. Everything needs to be extra secure and compatible for the laboratory itself to ensure workplace safety. Let’s find out more about MyLab below!

Who Is MyLab?

If you haven’t heard of MyLab before this, this is a company that is known as Malaysia’s leading main supplier for contemporary lab furnishing to industrial, school, university, research and also hospital sector laboratories.

The Best Options Only With MyLab

As an expert laboratory furniture supplier, MyLab aimed to supply only the best laboratory furniture with high quality to ensure the workplace safety is guaranteed. This is why they make it easier by involving only a several steps in purchasing the furniture from their website. If you are still looking for a supplier, then here is the perfect place as they also offer various of the best choices that consist of three categories. Which they have:

  • Medical facilities laboratory.
  • Industrial laboratory.
  • Educational institution laboratory.

How To Purchase From MyLab?

Different compared to the other company, MyLab offered you the simplest and easiest process in purchasing their stuff from the website. Since there are various types of laboratory furniture on the website, you can go to the shop column and click the selected furniture and click buy! Easy isn’t it? The best part is MyLab will also handle the delivery process till the end.

Services That MyLab Offers

Other than supplying furniture for laboratories in Malaysia, their expert teams also offer a few services that are usually needed by laboratories. Their services are including:

  • Delivering the laboratory equipment.
  • Providing the high quality a durable laboratory fit-out.
  • Providing the professional and technical solution.

Their Systematic Processes

In doing the necessary services that are needed by clients, they will make sure to have a few fixed processes to fulfill the clients’ requirements particularly. The processes are including:

  • Research:

To ensure what are the clients’ needs and standards.

  • Conceptual:

To come out with an initial plan layout, 3D perspective and proposed material.

  • Pre-approval:

They will start finalizing layout and material.

  • Preliminary:

The site and risk assessment will proceed.

  • Implementation:

There will be a progress report and site progress.

  • Post-project:

They will start handing over the training and maintenance schedule.

This is why you should trust MyLab in choosing the best furniture for laboratories!