A Brief Introduction Of Sex Toys And Their Misconceptions

Sex toys are a great way to add fun and support to a partner’s sex life. This is why some partners want to use some sex toys to add some spice to their monotonous sex life. But partners only use sex toys and sometimes have a very misconception about them.

1. Sex Toys Are Only Used By People Who Are Sexually Disharmonious

Anyone can use sex toys. Research shows that sex toys are used more often by people who are sexually active than by those who are not and that partners who use sex toys generally have better quality sex and better emotional intimacy. Around 20 – 30% of people will use a sex toy at least once in their lifetime. Sex toys are not a life-saver or a panacea, they are just a supplement to sex play. 

2. Sex Toys Are Addictive  

Addiction means some kind of harm. But using sex toys will not cause you harm (as long as it is done correctly). Although some people may become dependent on sex toys because they are used to using them, you don’t need to be forced to quit and anyone can easily return to masturbation or sexual activity with a sexual partner without the use of sex toys.  

3. If A Woman Uses Sex Toys, She Doesn’t Need A Man 

Sex toys are not a substitute for a man. A sex toy won’t make you breakfast, hug you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they believe that their importance to women is mainly their “big dick” and that men are insecure because of this. 

4. Men Only Use Sex Toys When They Can’t Get Real Sex 

When people think of men and sex toys, they think of men who buy masturbation kits and then masturbate in their basements while watching porn. But the truth about men and sex toys is that millions of men use them, whether they are in a relationship or single. The best way for a man to become a better lover is to understand his own sexual response. Masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body, whether you use sex toys or not. Using sex toys doesn’t mean the man is a ‘loser’. He is actually very intelligent and is likely to perform better in bed. This is because he is interested in sex and is more skilful.

5. Some Sex Toys Are Good, Some Are Bad  

There is no such thing as a good sex toy or a bad one, except for those that can be dangerous. Sex toys are all about how we use them. A vibrator may be too strong for one person, but it may be perfect for another. The trick is to find the right sex toy for you. Most sex toys are liked by some and disliked by others, for more info on vibrator Malaysia go here