Why Going To The Office Surpasses Working From Home – Internship Edition

In conjunction with the Covid 19 pandemic, many workplaces have taken their turning point to getting their quotidian commitments done virtually. Subsequently, a heated debate has since sparked by the society claiming how working from home is better than going to the office, and vice versa. Whilst both are equivalently advantageous, this article puts its stance on carrying out your internship in the office amidst the pandemic, and here are its justifications. 

You Get First-Hand Experience

This is most pivotal especially for students undergoing their internship program. After so many years pursuing a degree that emphasizes mostly on theoretical terms of the particular field of study, now that you have gotten a chance to obtain first-hand experience of the industry, make it work. The cases of infection might be on rapid rise but provided you are not planning to take another degree anytime in the future, this is your only chance of internship, make it work or ruin it. 

Doing your internship in physical workspaces allow you to interact with individuals of the industry, observe the kind of endeavors they carry out on a regular basis; and not only that, you get to do stuff, real stuff with regards to the field of study you have been studying on for years. Go out there and meet new people, together with doing stuff you have never put your hands onto before. 

Smoother Communication Process

Working involves communicating with your counterparts, or your colleagues to make sure every single member is on the right track. Notwithstanding the advancement of communication technology breaking down all possible barriers, it is proven that employees of an organization have comparatively less issues communicating and engaging with each other in brick-and-mortar workspaces, because information is instantly conveyed without the need of internet connectivity getting involved. Not everyone is sufficiently fortunate to reside in regions with wide internet coverage, thereby welcoming possible technical issues when keeping themselves updated with what is going on on the other end. 

Apart from that, doing your internship from home is as though you are doing university assignments. Post morning meetings that are held to assign you with today’s commitment, you begin working on your tasks from dusk till dawn, how is that different from doing university assignments and projects? You might still be working on what you should do in physical workspaces, but at least you get to engage with your colleagues whilst getting your things done; that is in fact, an entirely different experience you will obtain. 

Long Story Short

At the very end of the day, it comes down to your own decision whether you prefer working from home or going to the office to embark on your internship program. While working from home keeps you away from unwanted sickness, going to the office gives you more experience. Smart employers have gotten their glass wall installed professionally in their respective brick-and-mortars by glass partition malaysia.