Two Big Mistakes Made By Business Owners

Being a business owner, having a full-time job, doing your own marketing, production, manufacturing, delivery is a lot of work. And it is inevitable that we make some mistakes along our journey as business owners.

But mistakes in marketing can hinder a lot of your business performance. Your production may be on point, your manufacturing is excellent, your packaging is aesthetic but you are not producing the results you deserve? It might be time to look at the marketing strategy you have for your business. Or the lack thereof a marketing strategy. 

Most new business owners don’t think of having a marketing strategy. A well-thought marketing strategy may not always be necessary for the beginning, but it certainly helps. Digital Marketing is necessary, especially since the pandemic. To stand out, we can longer take it to the streets. The only streets we can take it to are our social media, plus some other digital channels and this is where thousands of business owners are also competing for the attention of consumers who are in your niche. 

So what are some of the obvious mistakes that business owners often overlook? 

Focusing On Social Media Ads Instead Of Improving The Quality Of The Content

Contrary to the common belief, you don’t always need to spend money on social media ads to compete for attention. People tend to jump into the pool of pay-per-click ads on social media to improve their revenue. While PPC is an effective marketing strategy on social media, it is not necessary for the beginning. Especially when you do not have any good content. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook have improved their algorithm over the years to push the content of business owners first in line. Quality content of the businesses.

The quality and engagement you have make a difference in how often people come across you on their feed and timeline. High-quality content does not always have to be taken from a high-end camera. (though that certainly helps) but high-quality content is about how well you interact with your followers.

Do you keep relevant conversations with them? Do you keep in touch with them and support your followers? Are you authentic on social media? Transparent and producing visually appealing content? A good balance of all of these factors can make a huge difference in your social media marketing engagement. 

Not Having A Website For Your Business 

Websites are so important. Social media is not a tracking or ranking factor for search engines. But websites are. And how do consumers find you most of the time? If they need a pair of shoes, they are most likely to google about it. If they need home furniture they will google about it.

Can you show up on google without an appropriate website? Can you get traffic and revenue opportunities without a website? Most probably not. It is recommended that people build a proper front for the search engine with the help of a branding service Malaysia or any part of the world. 

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