Most Successful Forex Traders In Malaysia

Most Successful Forex Traders In Malaysia

When it comes to investment, it is easy to overlook the hustles that traders have to go through, thick and thin, up and down, back to square one after a loss and many other possibilities that are not immune to failures. Even the most successful forex trader in Malaysia has his or her own struggles to be where they are now. In the end, it is all about grit and endurance to be where they are now.

Forex, a telescope word of foreign currency and exchange, or FX trading is defined as the system of the conversion of one currency into another currency for a variety of reasons, mainly for commerce, trading and tourism. The number of traders had increased gradually throughout the years and does not seem to show any sign of stopping anytime soon due to the fact that the investment methodology is the easiest way to make money – or that is what most traders thought. Despite its simple system, it is definitely not an effortless feat throughout the trading journey as forex trading involves gambling for luck or putting a lot more energy and various endeavours to endure. It is heavily dependent on one’s traits, whether they are the type to give up as soon as the trade drops or they are the type to move forward until they find their goal, just like how these forex traders in Malaysia have done.

Here are a list of the most successful forex traders in Malaysia which proves that forex can be a profitable and knowledge-sharing activity :

Oma Ally

Combine the names of two trading indicators in a portmanteau of Bollinger Bands and Moving Average, you will automatically be led to Oma Ally. The original founder of BBMA strategy, Ally is a well-known Malaysian trader who is very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledgeable ways of forex trading with other fellow traders. forex broker malaysia has been opening up forex coaching classes to mentor the trading mentees to build them into being among many successful traders over the years. His trading community, BBMA OA, is an esteemed Telegram group whose members consists of those from Malaysia as well as neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Brunei. His classes are guaranteed full whenever he holds it which provens the traders’ trust for him and levelled up his reputation as Malaysia’s best trader.

Jeanne Kong

Under the account name, MyTradingSpace_JK, Jeanne Kong gained a humble following with remarkably high engagement factor due to the fact that one fifth of her followers are actively engaging on her page. Commodities and cryptocurrency tradings are her forte, with their percentages at 58% and 33% respectively.

Rayn Lim

Malaysia and Singapore may have their differences, but both do share borders with each other as well as the same time zone. Rayn Lim crosses that line of differences from his Singaporean origin to be the most successful forex trader traders from Malaysia can gain inspiration from. From TradingView, Instagram up to Twitter, Lim loves to share his sacred knowledge of his expertise to help fellow traders as well as offering paid consultation for traders with their trading problems.