Is He Really Mr. Right?

Since marriage supposedly happens only once in every lifetime, it would be very beneficial if you will end up marrying Mr. Right. But how can you really tell you are now dating with the right person. Out of the number of guys out there, do you know how to spot Mr. Right? Actually, finding the right person only depends on you. No one can really tell you this person is the right one or the wrong one for that matter. 

But still, if you want to cater on advices, they could also help especially if you will ask those who are already married for a long time. Just put into consideration that no two situations are exactly alike, thus there is no guarantee that because it worked for them, it will automatically work for you. You will still be the one to put in some efforts to accomplish your goal of finding Mr. Right.

The following steps could guide you in realizing your goal:

  • When thinking of finally getting married with the man you are dating right now, and you want to know if he is the right person, take the time to analyze him silently. Ask yourself if he has really all the capabilities that you are looking for in a man. Of course, it is given that you are not looking for perfection as you will surely not find one. Just someone whom you think you can get along until your old age as marriage is supposed to be lasting. Can you see yourself happy with him? Are you contented with your relationship or there is still something you are looking for? 
  • Since you are still about to be married and not yet married, you must therefore think of your own betterment first. If you think the one you are dating right now can help you in making yourself a better person in all aspects, then you could be indeed dating the right person. 
  • Another thing to consider is his family. Are they okay to you being the future wife of their son. Are they really treating you well even without their son around? Though they are not your parents, once you and your boyfriend will be married, you will be interacting with them often, thus your relationship with them will certainly matter. He too, on the other hand must have a good relationship with your own family.
  • The last but certainly not the least, in fact the most important of all is to make sure you really know your boyfriend well. Do you have a good time in bed? Are you already comfortable with each other even at times when you are using sex toys for girls in malaysia? A married life can have a lot of hurdles and to make things exciting, there are times when you might resort to this. 

No one really says marriage is a bed of roses. But it can be if you and your future partner will work on it and most of all, if you are with Mr Right!

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