Effect of Using Educational Websites on Students’ Achievement in English

The country’s ongoing investment in school-based technology has made significant progress in bridging the digital divide (Judge, Pucket & Bell, 2006). As educators, we know that learning takes place outside the walls of our classroom and the development of quality websites can enrich all students. Useful resources for parents, information on school activities, and learning opportunities by providing a place where parents can see the progress and work of students. In this article, we will discuss how educational websites affect student’s achievements and where one can find the best website design service in Penang to create your website. 

Several surveys show that regardless of socio-economic status, websites fail to provide useful resources for students, such as homework helplines, class-level information sheets, and explanations of district Safe Internet usage policies. to enhance student success by showcasing student work. When analyzing the data, we determined that the most common components, all but one district, determine the physical location of the school in this district.

The National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS) not only states that students must have a strong understanding of basic technological concepts and processes, but these standards also state that students should use these skills to enhance their learning experience while using a variety of forms. – Media for collaboration and interaction with other audiences as well as other students. School-based websites are the best indication of how schools use Information Technology across schools and their curriculum. How is our school website measured with all these funds? Does our school meet its technology-related potential? Are schools taking the opportunity to improve communication with their students’ parents and the wider community? And what is the impact of this investment on technology on students themselves? NETS also recommends that our teachers act as role models and demonstrate their knowledge of technology operations and concepts. 

Websites can serve as a gateway for parental involvement, while quality websites can provide useful resources for parents, information on school activities, and places where parents can see student progress and employment. Why is there a school district website? Benefits include: connecting schools in the region, improving communication in the classroom, level, and culture, the digital divide encompasses the purpose of social justice to ensure that students have equal access to new technologies in the form of information and communication, regardless of socioeconomic status.

The importance of the Internet as an important contribution to the school environment is becoming clear. It focuses on Primary classes that are fundamental to the learning process and such expansion; teachers need to find new and exciting, innovative ways to gain knowledge. The Internet is an interesting source of information for parents due to the availability, speed, and variety of 24-hour information. Primary, Elementary, and Secondary school websites can provide a comprehensive example of the school curriculum, and its development can be a collaborative effort that addresses the purpose and needs of different items in the school. Jumix design can help you design a wonderful website if you have an idea that changes the direction of an educational website. Jumix is the best website design company in Penang and they can help you great in website designing. 

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